Eyes On Branding Toolkit

Taking the pain out of creating your brand
Branding Toolkit

The Eyes On Branding Toolkit is for female entrepreneurs and the very toolkit I used to revamp my own brand!

I took all that I had learned and put into to an easy three step toolkit so that you can have all the information you need to create your own brand.

Who is it for?

This branding toolkit is for you if you...

  • want to have a strong brand that connects with your ideal client
  • feel overwhelmed with all the information and advice out there
  • want all the facts on how to create a consistent brand
  • want to carve out a space for your business in what feels like a very oversaturated online world
Branding Toolkit

This branding Toolkit is NOT for you if you...

  • assured that your ideal client is connected with your brand
  • are confident that you are consistent across all online platforms
  • prefer to be taken through this in person - in which case book a complimentary Strategy Call with me to today to discuss!

What benefit will this branding toolkit have for me and my business?

Whether you're just starting out in your business or have been operating for a while, the Eyes On Branding Toolkit will give you all the information, tips and tools to create a consistent brand that is aligned to your ideal client.

The Eyes on Branding Toolkit provides you with a step-by-step guide to developing a strong, consistent brand that connects with your ideal client.  Using the three C's:  Clarity // Clients // Consistency, you will go through a series of prompts allowing you to create a brand to be proud of that is consistent across your business.  

Branding Tookit

With this branding toolkit you will:

  • gain CLARITY on your why and how you can use your story to connect with your clients
  • understand your CLIENT persona and how you use their aspirations as the foundation for your brand
  • design your brand iconography to allow you to show up CONSISTENTLY across all platforms

In the Eyes on Branding Toolkit I also introduce my Client Brand Model - helping you to gain clarity on who your client is and how to craft your messaging to tap into their emotions.

Branding Toolkit - Client Brand Model


Debbie is such a wonderful person to work with. I love her calmness and absolute honesty and transparency. Thank you Debbie for being who you are and sharing your wisdom with us.

Debbie is fabulous!  I'm not tech minded at all.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I will keep using Debbie that is for sure!



I quickly realised Debbie had a wealth of digital and marketing knowledge that could really catapult my business.  I am loving working with her - she clearly understands what my business requires and delivers everything we agree on time and to an exceptional standard

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Eyes On Branding Toolkit is a one stop shop to allow you to create your branding strategy. It'll guide you through the three C's:  Clarity // Clients // Consistency.  It is packed with prompts to guide you through each step.

Unfortunately, this is a digital product and as you'll have instant access to it, no refund will be issued.

If you have any questions not covered, then please get in touch here.

You are purchasing this digital product for your own personal use.  Under no circumstances are you permitted to duplicate or sell it as your own.  If you are found doing so, you will be invoiced for using my intellectual property.

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