Debbie Lucas - Business coach turned Online Business Manager

How does a Business Coach become an Online Business Manager?

I am Debbie Lucas and owner of Eyes On Digital Media. I am the Online Business Manager for business owners who are ready to level up their brand and scale their business. Having gone through the painful journey of learning how to establish my own online business, I have developed a strong skill set that includes web design, copywriting, SEO best practices, marketing skills, membership and online course creation. 

My own business has pivoted through four different variations to this point where I have settled into my niche and know who I love to serve - that is business owners like you who are ready to level up their brand and scale their business with the support of an online business manager. Since I established Eyes On Digital Media, my business and client base has grown exponentially month on month, allowing me to serve a select number of business owners, just like you, by delivering a truly unique and personal service to each of them.  

May 2021

My journey into the online business world started out when I began my training as an NLP practitioner in May 2021 and set up my first website (which in all honesty was awful!)

October 2021

Between May and October 2021, I spent all my free time learning about web design, marketing, online course creation and more. And I made many mistakes along the way!

November 2021

After completing my Master NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner certification, my services pivoted to business coaching by sharing what I had learned

December 2021

In December 2021, I launched my very own podcast, Working Mum to Business Mum, which I absolutely loved.  The podcast was all about helping small owners starting or growing their business

March 2022

By March 2022, many of my business coaching clients were asking for tech support in order to implement my advice in relation to their websites, email marketing, memberships and online courses

April 2022

Eyes On Digital Media was born with my first online business management client in April 2022 and I am truly grateful to have been growing exponentially ever since!

Leveling up your brand and scaling your business can feel scary, but that's why I'm here to help

My online business manager service can support you to stand out from others in your niche with

  • Monthly consultation/planning sessions
  •  Ongoing maintenance of your website including search engine optimisation (SEO support 
  • Support for your online membership and/or courses  
  • Graphic design work 
  • Funnel and email support 

My web design service can help you level up your brand by

  • Designing or redesigning your website that reflects your new leveld up business
  • Planning the initial set up of your SEO
  • Copywriting for SEO best practices