Eyes On Digital Media Online Business Management (OBM) Service

Level up your brand and scale your business with support from me

Online Business Manager - OBM

Congratulations on the huge success you have achieved in your business!

You have worked tirelessly to grow your business on your own and not been in a position to invest in support.   You are now ready to level up your brand and scale your business, but don’t know where to start with rebranding to reflect your vision as you move forward.  

You want to start generating consistent and passive income through a membership or online course, but feel completely overwhelmed by all the options out there.  

Well, you're in the right place because organising is my superpower!

Level up your brand and scale your business with support for all your admin, tech and automation needs, allowing you to work IN your business doing what you love. Having me as your right hand person, will allow you to:

  • Have a brand and website that reflects your leveled up business 
  • Reduce the time you spend working ON your business 
  • Increase your time working IN your business, doing what you do best 
  • Create passive income through evergreen courses 
  • Have consistent income through a membership 

What is included in my online business management (OBM) service:

  • Monthly project planning and priority setting call
  • Ongoing maintenance of your website 
  • SEO maintenance
  • Ongoing maintenance of courses and/or memberships 
  • Graphic design 
  • Adding up to two new courses or memberships 
  • Support for up to four launches a year  
  • Email campaigns including monthly newsletter  
  • Up to four lead magnet and funnels a year  
  • Additional support as agreed at an additional cost 

I treat your business as my own - after all your success impacts on the success of my business.  

My online business management service is for you if you are an established business owner who has grown your business to the point where you are now ready to invest in support to continue scaling and need:

  • A brand review to reflect your ideal client 
  • Website redesign to reflect your leveled up services 
  • Marketing and automation support 
  • Support to launch online memberships and/or courses 

The investment for my online business management (OBM) service is £999 a month with a minimum of six month's commitment.

In order to ensure that we are a good fit for each other, I recommend an introduction call to discuss your needs and I can tell you more about how I can support you.

Di had her website established and was in the process of launching her first online course when she first approached me to support her.

Her website had a very simple one page design with a number of plugins slowing it down as well as complex payment methods and the need to cross over to other platforms for email automation etc. This meant that her website ran slower and also ran the risk of errors as information was being sent between various platforms.

I supported her through her first launch and have now moved her over to a new website and course hosting platform, New Zenler, where all her online business automation now runs from.  This has streamlined her business and she now has a professional website that reflects her vision for her business moving forward.   

Working with Debbie is incredible. Her wealth of knowledge and innate desire to serve you to the best of her ability will radically transform your business with her OBM service.

She is extremely knowledgeable on all things website design, SEO, social media management and digital sales and marketing strategies. She goes beyond the call of duty to support the growth of your business and is fantastic right hand woman to have in your business.

You can confidently pass across all your technical woes to Debbie and she will lovingly support you and hold your hand so you can work in your zone of genius whilst she works in hers. You will never regret working with someone who is so in line with her purpose, my only regret is that I didn't start working with her sooner.